Adult Surf Camp

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Adult Surf Camp is the best way to learn how to surf if you're no longer a kid or a teen. Our 4-day evening program is the only offering of its kind, designed specifically to provide adults with the foundation they need to become competent surfers. Whether it will be your first time on a board or you are looking to advance your skills, there is no better way to do it!

2020 Schedule & Signups

All sessions are 5:30 - 7:30pm at Scarborough Beach State Park.

Before booking, please read our latest updates on Surf Camp & COVID-19. While there is some inevitable uncertainty due to the nature of the situation, we are encouraged by recent guidance from the state health department and believe Adult Surf Camp will be able to proceed as planned with the adoption of additional health and safety measures.

Through the end of July, we will only accept bookings for residents of the State of Maine or from those who have met the 14-day quarantine requirement prior to attending, per state policy. Please do not sign up if you can't meet those requirements.

Session #1
July 06th - July 09th
$385 Sign up for session #1
Session #2
July 20th - July 23rd
$385 Sign up for session #2
Session #3
August 03rd - August 06th
$385 Sign up for session #3
Session #4
August 17th - August 20th
$385 Sign up for session #4

Daily Itinerary and Program Overview

After you arrive at the beach and pick up your gear, we'll start each session with a brief 'beach lesson' in which you'll learn the key aspects of being a safe and confident surfer. Each day we'll go over different skills and key information, ranging from basic ocean safety and surfing fundamentals to essential topics like "surf etiquette."

We'll break into groups of approximately 3 people for each surf session. At any time during the roughly 1.5 hour session, you can take a break on the beach where we'll have our camp set up with places to sit, snacks, and refreshments.

As you progress through the week, you'll receive personal guidance to help you advance your skills no matter where you're at. From the basics of catching waves and riding the white water to more advanced skills (duck diving, riding the open face, making a bottom turn, etc), every session we'll work with you to help you improve and get comfortable in the water.

An Unforgettable Experience

The setting is a quiet beach in the golden hours of the evening. You're floating on a surfboard, immersed in nature in a way you've never experienced it, waiting to meet a wave of energy that has traveled thousands of miles to take its last breath on our shores. This is surfing, and you're about to discover what it is that makes surfers so passionately dedicated to riding waves...

Enjoy adult surf lessons in a small group setting
Scarborough Beach is a beautiful setting for your introduction to surfing.

Adult Surf Camp in Scarborough, Maine

Meet New People, Hang Out, and Enjoy the View!

The small group environment (with the total program size being about 12 people) is a perfect setting for making new friends and future surfing buddies. After we're worn out from a good surf, there's no better way to wrap up the evening than by hanging out with a cold drink and watching the sunset. On the last day, we'll cap off our week of surfing with a celebratory pizza party on the beach.

Enjoy adult surf lessons in a small group setting
Can't beat Scarborough Beach at sunset.

Adult Surf Camp in Scarborough, Maine
When our last night gets rained out... we move down the road!

Adult Surf Camp in Scarborough, Maine
Massacre Pond, on your way down to the beach.

Adult Surf Camp in Scarborough, Maine
Post surf.

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