Fall Surfing Program

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Surf Camp's Fall Surfing Program provides an opportunity for a limited number of intermediate level Surf Campers to gain additional surf experience through the early Fall surf season in Southern Maine.

Extend The Surf Experience

Our Fall Surfing Program, introduced in 2015, allows a small group of participants to take their surfing to the next level in the early Fall surf season. Our group of 8 to 12 participants meets every Sunday morning for 5-weeks from September 5th through October 3rd, with a focus on learning more advanced techniques and surfing in better and bigger waves, including by taking at least one local "surf trip."

After school surfing

We will mix up our surf sessions by exploring several different beaches and making local "surf trips." Participants will be exposed to a variety of different surf conditions, breaks, and receive more advanced instruction.

Program Highlights

Surf Locations
We will plan our surf sessions around the wind/wave conditions each day. Scarborough Beach is our "home base" and we will also plan to make at least one "surf trip" to other local surf beaches (possibilities include Popham Beach, The Wall (Hampton NH), Reid State Park, and Fortune's Rock Beach). We will explore new waves and conditions to challenge and improve our surf skills and comfort level.

Advanced Techniques
Since participants in the program are expected to have some prior experience from camp, we will have the opportunity to focus on learning more advanced surfing techniques. We will work with each participant to help them take the next step. By the end of the program, participants will improve their bottom turn, learn how to make a carving top turn, practice duck-diving, and potentially explore more advanced maneuvers such as floaters, 360s, and barrel riding!

Why Surfing?

While many athletic programs encourage fierce competitiveness, surfing teaches humility and perseverance in addition to developing independence, confidence, and awareness about our natural environment.

Surfing is also a life-long pursuit that can accompany us long past high school and college, while also providing the ultimate full body workout. Practicing surfing strengthens core muscles, improves agility, and provides intense periods of cardio-vascular exercise. Overall, surfing can form the centerpiece of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

As surfers, we learn to look at the world in a totally different way while chasing the always-elusive "perfect wave" just around the next bend on the map. Our Fall Surfing Program will give participants the experience they need to pursue surfing on their own in a safe and responsible manner for many years to come.