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We run group surf lessons every Saturday morning from 9:00am until 12:00pm in addition to scheduling private surf lessons and special events by request: sign up for Saturday Morning Lessons online or call us at (207) 370-6706 to set up your private lesson!

What Sets Our Surf Lessons Apart?

Lots of surf shops offer surf lessons, but Surf Camp is the only dedicated surf school in the region: all we do is teach people to surf!

Located at Scarborough Beach, Surf Camp has access to the prime surf real estate in Southern Maine
Comprehensive surf lessons teach you how to surf from fundamentals through advanced techniques
Surf Camp has Maine's most experienced surf instructors
  • Experienced Instructors
    On average, our instructors have been teaching at surf camp for 6 years or more, which translates to the ability to teach practically anyone how to surf and make sure everyone has a great time.
  • Comprehensive Lessons
    Over 3 hours, our surf lessons take you through the fundamentals of surfing, ocean safety, and surf etiquette. Every student gets 1-on-1 attention, even in group lessons. You won't get a better surf lesson anywhere else.
  • An Incredible Location
    Surf Camp has exclusive access to Scarborough Beach for the purpose of surf instruction: we're the only organization that can get you out for a surf lesson on this amazing stretch of sand.
  • Quality Gear
    With over 40 surfboards and close to 100 wetsuits, we have the right equipment to get anyone out in the surf. Our gear is maintained to high standards to make sure your experience is second to none.

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Good to Know

Lessons are run waves and weather permitting and may be canceled under certain conditions (e.g., waves too big or very poor weather), but otherwise we will go even in the rain!