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March 8th, 2014

Cold Classic Maine or Tropical Perfection?

Dustin Turin // Scarborough, ME — You would think that after a month of surfing perfect tropical waves, the frigid Maine water — currently hovering around 37 degrees — would be a pretty significant buzz-kill. After all, 6mm of rubber definitely slows you down a bit and the 14 degree air that greeted us on our first surf back is cold by any standard. On the temperature front, I’ll take Bali’s 85 degree water any day of the week. No surprise, the Indian Ocean also beats Maine when it comes to producing consistently epic waves. But the reality is, even though Indonesia is always going to ‘beat’ Maine in the surfing hall of fame,  it’s almost impossible to compare the two experiences.

Winter Surfing in Maine

Above: Even though it’s cold, waves make a welcome homecoming in Maine. Below: Surf Camp instructor Sawyer Theriault scores a tropical beauty in Indonesia only a few days earlier.

Sawyer Theriault surfing in Keramas, Bali, Indonesia

When the waves are always on — not an issue we are too familiar with here in Maine — it’s amazing how quickly surfing starts to feel more routine then special. Our standards go through the roof and soon enough we’re complaining when it’s smaller than head high and/or not tubing. Too many people. Too hot. And so on… (more…)

February 14th, 2014

Reflections from Bali: Waves, the Great Equalizer

Dustin Turin // Bali, Indonesia — All surfers embrace exploration: ‘the search,’ as it has been called, is ingrained in every wave rider’s DNA. It means ‘the search’ for better waves, ‘the search’ for empty lineups, ‘the search’ for places untouched and unknown and waiting to be explored. ‘The search’ is a point of pilgrimage with no final location, always moving one bend at a time up the coast.

Bali is most definitely a point along the well-trodden path of surf pilgrimage, a mecca surrounded in an accompanying myth and mysticism. It is certainly not unknown, or — unfortunately — untouched, but for every surfer who has never been, it is still waiting to be explored. The waves here feel unreal to the experience of surfers raised in the cold Northeast. Long period groundswell is nearly constant, the coast is ringed with reefs that produce perfect waves in practically all conditions, and the wind amazes with its ability to disappear for days on end.


Surfing in a place like Bali, in the crowded and competitive lineups of Uluwatu, Keramas, or Bingin, can be a humbling, inspiring, and frustrating experience, or more likely, all three simultaneously. But being in the water here is also a reminder of one of surfing’s best qualities: that is, waves are the ultimate equalizer. (more…)

December 20th, 2013

There’s still time to give surf for the holidays!

Still can’t decide what to give? A gift certificate for SURF LESSONS or SURF CAMP will surely be one of the most unique and exciting gifts under the tree this year.
Surf Camp Gift Certificates Available

If you’re doing last minute shopping, purchasing a surf camp gift voucher is INSTANT — just check your email — and we make it easy for the recipient to book their lesson or week of surf camp anytime they want. See you in the water!

December 4th, 2013

Making a Positive Impact in 2014

Surf Camp is committed to passing on the good karma that we’ve been fortunate to receive in abundance over the years.  In addition to making scholarships available for camp, we are constantly supporting charitable activities and causes that are important to our social and environmental ethic. For the 2014 season, Surf Camp has already donated two weeks of day camp to important causes.

So far we’ve pledged a week of camp in support of the Urban Runoff 5K, an event to raise awareness of water pollution and raise money in support of clean water education in local schools. After all, our camp only exists thanks to the beautiful clean water off our coast — and we are committed to keeping it that way for generations to come. The 5K is April 26th, 2014 — two days after Earth Day — and you can learn more about it at the Urban Runoff website.

Urban Runoff 5K, April 19th, 2014

In addition, we’ve donated a week of a camp to the Woodfords Family Services “Families in Focus” auction. Woodfords provides community based services and support for people with special needs and their families, including preschools for children with special needs, in home support services, and peer support groups.

Woodfords Family Services

Here’s to hoping 2014 brings good waves and good karma to all!

August 3rd, 2013

Another Beautiful Week! Session #5 Photos Online

This picture says it all: two thumbs up! Can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by as we sign off on another beautiful week in 2013, filled with warm water and fun waves. Enjoy the photos!

What a week!

July 13th, 2013

Photos from Session #3 (2013) Available

Take a peek at the photos from week #3. Such a beautiful summer so far and fun waves this week!

Session #3 2013 Photos

Surf Camper Finn Mclain killing it on his shortboard!

June 28th, 2013

Session #1 2013 Photos Available

Take a look at the photos and purchase a print for keeps! Surf camp photos available below:

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.41.40 PM

The beach welcomes us back this year and we wanted to say thanks! And we are thankful for these willing surf campers who helped us remove five full bags of garbage from the beach this week.

February 9th, 2013

2013 Camp Dates Posted!

The 2013 camp dates are now online and accepting applications! 2012 was, as those of you who joined us know, an incredible year. Tons of sunshine, warm weather, and some really great swells rolled through to make it one of the best summers ever. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that 2013 will bring more of the same! Sign up today!

August 14th, 2010

Surf Camp Week 7 Photos

Photographs from Week 7 of Surf Camp, taken from the water by professional photographer Dustin Turin, are now available through Dustin’s website:

Surf Camp Week 7 images now available

Surf Camp Week 7 images now available

August 5th, 2010

Surf Camp Photos Weeks 4 & 6

Photos taken by photographer/surf camp counselor Dustin Turin are now available through Dustin’s website. Click the images below to view the full galleries:

Surf Camp Week #6 - Photo: Dustin Turin

Surf Camp Week #6 - Photo: Dustin Turin

Surf Camp Week #4 - Photo: Dustin Turin

Surf Camp Week #4 - Photo: Dustin Turin